Time Flies When Youre a Housekeeper

Being a domestic housekeeper is often a thankless job, but it is a job that has its own reward in the work. There is plenty to keep a worker busy until the end of shift. The work is sometimes repetitive, but it is best to follow a routine when cleaning a room. Most rooms will be the same layout, and that should make the routine easy to get in to.

The Start of a Room

To start cleaning a room it is always the best practice to start with the top of the room. One might start with the fan blades then move over to the windows. This will ensure any dust in the room will not get the floors or tables dirty after they have been washed already. It is not necessary to also everything in the exact order, but starting the top first is the best way to properly clean a room.

Pushing Through the Middle

After the top is done then wiping the tables and changing the bed sheets. This is the most time consuming of the chores because there is always a certain way for the bed sheets to be done. Taking your time here to make it look amazing is the most effective way to ensure the best possible appearance is made for the room. The bed is usually the first thing a guest will see and often influences the guest’s stay the most. The bathroom needs to be scrubbed in this step as well. That is a short task that is mostly cleaning the toilet and the sink.

Ending the Room

After all the mid-height items have been cleaned and put in order all that is left is the floors. A cleaner will be elated at this stage because they are almost done with that room. A quick mopping in the bathroom and a vacuum in the living areas and the room has been finished. Other than the complimentary mint on the pillow the cleaner has finished their job.

Looking after yourself

It’s possible you might end up getting a RSI or a sore back if you don’t follow manual handling techniques. So we advise you to properly look after yourself. Taking time out for mediation is good. We also recommend this massage in Bristol as a way of treating all your aches and pains.

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